Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Do you 'LOLspeak?'

Have you ever encountered these sentences written or uttered by someone?

"I can haz a cheezburger?"     
(Can I have a cheeseburger?)

"I r no suprized. U haz no gurfriend"   
(I am not surprised you have no girlfriend) 

"The teddy bear telled me I wuz fat"   
(The teddy bear told me I was fat)

"U iz startin to boar meh"     
(You are starting to bore me)

    It may be funny, but after a while, it becomes redundant. It could even be mistaken for the real English, especially for non-native speakers like us. Yes, those sentences are examples of 'Lolspeak'. 'LOLspeak' originates from a person who posted a photo to an anonymous imageboard, '4chan' with a funny caption.(Imageboard is an Internet forum which allows its users to post photos of all sorts as a means to communicate). It so happened that one day, a user of that particular imageboard posted a photo of a cat and inserted a funny caption of what seemed to be in English, albeit distorted. Since the, it continues to be a culture among Interenet users to post photos with such captions. As of now, the most popular character used is a cat.  

Below are some photos with 'LOLspeak' captions:

"Rock Star Kitty; practices crowd surfing"

"Let me check my mail"

"Oh, hi! Your boyfriend called. He's not your boyfriend anymore"

"Kebab or Curry? Both are good"

(Source: Google image)

  I'm pretty sure you're google-ing for more of these kind of photos right now. I agree, they are hilarious! But being an English teacher, I can't help but to feel that a lot of these would jeopardize the future of proper English usage among youngsters (or the so-called Generation-Y) who regard computers and the Internet as their 'confidant'. Anyways, the purpose of this post is to remind you that this kind of language is strictly prohibited in my class. You've been informed earlier in class that I abhor silly spelling mistakes and I cringe when I see grammatical mistakes in my students' work, especially if I've already taught them that particular component. So, make an effort to take this as pure entertainment and understand that I will not entertain any of these in class. Toodles!


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