Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Hi there! In class today we have learnt prepositions of direction. Easy, wasn't it? It was more of a reviewing actually, since most of you were able to use the prepositions correctly in the exercises we did in class today.

Just a recap,

  • Prepositions of direction indicate where something is going or moving to.
  • Among the common ones are towards, across, along, through, out of, past, to, from, up, down, etc.
Now, it's time to move on to another type of preposition, prepositions of purpose
  • Prepositions of purpose describe the intention of an action. 
Read the following sentences using the three prepositions of purpose: for, so that and in order to, and see how they are used in different situations.

  • My father is going to Kuching for a meeting tomorrow. Then, he will head for Miri to join his friends for a trip to the famous Mulu Caves.
  • Sally bought a new dress for the party. She has saved a long time for this dress so I bet she is going to make heads turn that night. 
  • The director thanked all donors for their generosity. Certificates of appreciation will be presented to the donors for their contribution. 
  • Protein is an important nutrient essential for growth and development of the body. It is also essential for the repair of damaged cells and tissues. 
  • I was paid RM20 a day for helping out in the shop. I have decided to save that money for my holiday.
So that
  • Traders wishing to conduct business in the weekly Pasar Tamu Satok must arrive early so that they can book themselves a strategic spot to peddle their ware. 
  • Huge, colourful umbrellas are set up so that vendors and shoppers are protected from the blazing sun. 
  • The public should come forward to donate blood so that the blood bank will not run out of supply during emergencies. 
  • I need to get home by six-thirty so that I will be in time to watch my favourite show on television.
  • Let us donate generously so that we can share our joy with the unfortunate.
In order to
  • The clearing of these forests should be reduced in order to prevent further erosion.
  • Strict laws are enforced in order to deter illegal immigrants from entering our shores.
  • The electrician told us that in order to get better reception for our television, we have to get a new aerial.
  • In order to heighten society's awareness on the need to preserve the environment, more campaigns have to be launched.
  • The survivors of the shipwreck had to abandon the ship quickly in order to save their own lives.

Click on this link for exercise: Exercise 3 


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